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Get Paid To Answer Everyday Question and Earn Money

I’ve been asked many times, how to make money online without having any website, any product, nor any list… or in short how to make money online from scratch. Just answer questions and then get paid.

Although this is not my favorite method on making money online, it might be good for you if you like answering questions. Rather than answering questions at Yahoo! Answers, Yedda, or AskVille where you don’t get paid, answer questions at these following sites (they’re free to join by the way):

  1. Just Answer

    This is probably the answer site that paid you the most for answering questions and you get paid through PayPal.

    So here’s how Just Answer works:

    1. You need to apply to become an expert before you can start answering questions and get paid.
    2. Warning, only about 10% of the applicants is accepted. So be prepared.
    3. Fill out your profile and be careful since your profile will pretty much determine how much you will make.
    4. Find questions in your field of expertise and answer it. Once you answer a question the person who posted the question will have to decide if they want to pay for your answer for their offering price or if they would rather pass on it (you see that your profile is very important decision factor here).
    5. You can request payment any time once your balance reaches $20.

    Basically there’s no limit of how much a question can be paid. So it’s not uncommon to find $50 question offerings, while the average question offering is $15 each. You get 25% to 50% of this offering, depending on your performance.

    Just in case you’re curious, I quote a few questions directly from the sites:

    1. $80 Question:

      Write a 1,750 word paper examining the impact of Poverty and Children in the United States. Cite 3 to 5 sources.

      Optional Information: Level: 2nd year college


      Obviously you get paid much more than ghostwriting for answering this question 🙂

    2. $50 Question:

      I was recently arrested by the RCMP and held for two days with a charge of BNE but ultimately the Crown decided not to proceed with the charges and I was released. However, when I was arrested I was driving my car which they had towed to their building and they have yet to give it back to me or let me remove any of my belongings from it. How long are they legally allowed to hold my vehicle for? Also, I had just purchased this vehicle and had yet to officially transfer my insurance (still valid) over to my new vehicle although I had all of the proper documents. I thought ICBC allowed 10 days after purchasing a vehicle to transfer the insurance. Is this true?? Because I was issued a $598 ticket for driving with no insurance. (I know this is kind of a complicated question and I will pay more for an answer)

    3. $30 Question:

      I am looking for “how to” instructions for mounting and unmounting the mowing deck of a 345 John Deere Lawn Tractor.

    4. $15 Question:

      I have recently been tested for stds but camp up negative. I have been cramping and bleeding between my last period. just started on thursday with light brown discharge that continued for
      about 24 hours then went to watery red very little discharge and cramping from thursday. my last period was around the first of the month and lasted about 5 days. I have no odor, no pain with intercourse. i have always used condoms also EVERYTIME. the cramping and spotting usually occurs in the morning and lessens later on in the day.

    As you can see from these samples above, the topic and offering of the questions vary. So if you have the expertise and like answering questions, this may be for you!

    Click here to apply to become an expert at Just Answer and get paid answering question.

  2. ExpertBee

    ExpertBee is kind of like auction place for answering questions and giving services. You bid a price at which you would answer the question or perform the service. The inquirers (the people who ask the questions or request the service) then choose the bidder. Hence it’s very important to have a credible profile, reasonable price, and good feedbacks.

    You get paid $0.60 + 20% of the fee for answering questions, or a one-time fee of $7.95 for providing service.

    Click here to join ExpertBee.

  3. ChaCha

    ChaCha is free mobile answer site that answers questions directly to the mobile phone of the person asking the question. People can ask questions by sending text message or calling a 1-800 number.

    You need to become an independent contractor (called guide in ChaCha) before you can answer questions and get paid. SMS (text message) guides are paid $.10 – $20 per transaction, and you get paid via debit card or direct deposit once your balance reaches $100.

    The requirement to become a guide is fairly simple:

    • You must be 18+ years old.
    • You must have a US mailing address.
    • You must be authorized to work in the US.
    • You must have a broadband Internet connection.

    Click here to get paid answering questions at ChaCha.

  4. KnowBrainers

    It might be a while before you can make money at KnowBrainers. To become an approved expert and qualify to receive payments, you become an active member of the community by asking and answering the free questions. Once you do so, you need to send an email to experts at KnowBrainers to express interest in the approved expert program.

    The questions asked in KnowBrainers include topics of entertainment, history, science, pet care, parenting, automotive, home contracting, computer help, health, and law.

    Click here to join KnowBrainers.

  5. I Want Your Answers

    Actually you don’t really get paid to answer questions here. But rather you get a share of the revenue from the AdSense that displayed on your answer page (they display AdSense ads with your AdSense publisher ID half the time). So you need to have a Google AdSense account (and existing website) to make money using I Want Your Answers.

    Click here to sign-up for AdSense and click here to join I Want Your Answers.

Hence from all of these answer sites, Just Answer is the best deal where you can get paid the most for answering questions.

Please share this post and write your comments. You can also help others by listing other paid answer sites 🙂

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  1. Interesting post, I could see it being very time consuming to earn any appreciable income though.

  2. So how do these companies make their money?

  3. @Andrew: I agree and it’s not my preferred method either. It’s great opportunity for part-timer, college students or housewives though.

    @Joshua: They get a big portion of the offering (fee) that’s paid by the inquirers.

  4. I got a job once upon a time with a company similar to that called ChaCha. My first experience with them was really positive, but since then their answers have kind of gone down hill. I’ll definitely look into this.

  5. Thanks for putting this list together. I might check this out one day. Off the top of my head it seems like in freelance work you get way underpaid for the amount of work you do.

  6. Thanks for this helpful list. I’ve tried ChaCha before… very tedius stuff, but it eventually pays off.

  7. it’s seem not easy

  8. This looks like an interesting option for people who spend a lot of time online. I suppose if this is not your main source of income, you can allow the money to add up– extra savings or extra spending money either way. Thanks for putting this together!

  9. Thanks very much Aldian. I work part time as a professional, while being a stay at home mom. In one week,I have replaced my part time income, and I expect that next month I will at least double it. Excellent resource.

  10. I’ve never heard of Just Answer before. It seems to be a very interesting website. I’m thinking of taking advantage on it. I believe I’m an expert in some fields of knowledge. Gotta give it a try!

    Thanks, by the way for the info!

  11. @Chris: You’re welcome. Although it’s not a great source of main income, it’s great for additional revenue.

    @Audrey: I’m very glad it helps you and I believe you can at least double it by next month! 🙂 Just Answer is very good for professionals such as mechanics, pediatrics, veterinarians, nurses, lawyers, and so on.

  12. this is absolutely very great article! thanks very much Aldian.

  13. Looks very effective wy to make money, maybe I should try. 😉

  14. great and tempting. But it needs a serious thought to join so, I think.

  15. Hi,
    I was an expert with JustAnswer for less than a month. The best site so far but i got banned for life because of some misunderstanding between myself and Moderator. They can remove you without giving any chances to explain. Managed to get $$ from this site. From my opinion JA is the best site for making money online.

  16. i want a website where i could earn money and withdraw them by just completing surveys online?????
    And it should work too……
    there should not be any registration charge….

    thank u…..i hope u will reply soon….

  17. I think you’ve missed out on It is composed of former Google Answers researchers. Check us out for quality answers!

  18. I never heard of this site.

    From your post and the other comments, this site should be worth lookng at.

    Especially for those wanting to make a quick buck.


  19. Hello i want to be one of your program on the survey and i want you to direct to me the whole details and how much it will take to create account so that i can to make money through it. waiting to hear from you. thank you

  20. Didn’t know that one can make money just from answering other people questions.

    Going to take a peek and see how it goes. ^_^

  21. Another good site is where you can make some spare time cash as an expert in health, legal, pets, cars, etc.,

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  23. am happy to have just notice this site thanks to my search

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